So what's our story?

FrendzNotFur is a Canadian based company with a mission to spread the vegan message. Ultimately, our end goal is to have people looking great, while inspiring the masses to live a cruelty free and a healthier lifestyle. We are a young couple who made the change to become vegan while travelling Thailand. While we were travelling, we came to a conscious understanding how much humans really take a toll on innocent animals. From the elephant abuse, to the stray dogs in Thailand, to the mass brutality of farmed animals globally, we were shocked to see just how much of the cruelty goes on every single day. This lead us to wanting to be vegan and to try as hard as we can to make a difference. With a little thinking and inspiration, we came up with FrendzNotFur; a place where we can spread our message and make a difference in the world. We will be contributing to animals sanctuaries worldwide with some of our proceeds. We are appreciative of your support, and truly thank you for wanting to help make the world a better place. <3